Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Bows

Orange Twisty Bows!

I also have black ribbon, pumpkin ribbon
spider ribbon (can't find a picture, must be discontinued!), and Halloween argyle ribbon
I am thinking I may make a layered bow out of the argyle ribbon to go with Lana's Halloween skirt that she wore today, it may match with the patchwork look better. Hopefully I have some time tonight, we're running out of time to wear the skirt!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

M2M Harvest Leaves


M2M Equestrian Club


M2M Cupcake Cutie


Twisty Bow

Holidays & Other

Happy Birthday

Minnie Mouse

Valentines Day

St. Patricks Day

4th of July

Halloween - Click for more!



M2M Tennis Match

Tiny Twisties & Clips


M2M Ice Cream Social


1" Headband & clip

M2M GAP Mediterranean

Types of Bows

Tiny Twisties - these bows measure approximately 1 3/4th inches and are mounted to alligator clips. They can be made smaller and mounted to snap clips for smaller babies.
Little Miss EK (5 months) modeling a tiny twisty on a bowband!

Twisty Bows - these bows measure approximately 2" across and can be mounted on alligator clips (standard) or french barrettes. They can be made larger by request and can come in pairs or singles.
Miss Olivia (age 3) modeling a white twisty bow!
Lana (age 19 months) wearing two orange Twisty bows for Halloween!

B.A.B.s (Big @$$ bows) - the standard size of these bows is approximately 3.5-4" wide and can be mounted on either alligator clips or french barrettes. They can be made larger or smaller according to what you are looking for. They can come in pairs or singles.
Bows can be made in any combination of the colors listed here...(click on the charts to make them bigger) and mounted on these clips here.

M2M Beach Shack

Hula Girl Clip!
Palm Tree Tiny Twisties

M2M GAP 2008


M2M Gymboree

Click each link for bows that match each Gymboree Line!

Lots of Dots

Classroom Kitty

Prep School

Beach Shack

Palm Springs 2008

Lady Daisy

Cherry Baby

Tropical Garden

Tennis Match

Ice Cream Social

Spring Rainbow


Holland Days

Tres Chic

Cupcake Cutie

Equestrian Club

Harvest Leaves

M2M Prep School

Other options for this line are twisty bows in either red, navy or pink.


Most of my bows are mounted on partially lined double pronged alligator clips. The rest of my bows are mounted on French Barrettes. For small babies with not much hair, snap clips are an option. Please see below for pictures of each type of clip!

Double pronged alligator clip - aka "pinch clip", measures about 1 3/4ths inches long, 3/8ths of an inch wide.
Partially lined- the clip is covered with 3/8ths ribbon, with the exception of the bottm two prongs. This makes it easier to slide in and out of little girl hair.

French Barrette - for girls with thicker hair, usually older girls. This clip is lined with 3/8ths ribbon.
Snap Clip - measures approximately 1 inch, lined with 3/8ths ribbon, works better for babies with very fine hair.

Color Charts

Click on the charts to make them bigger!